Vigorous growth already on the newly planted vines

This is the vigorous growth already to be seen on this young Merlot plant, which has only been in the ground for 10 days.

The primary purpose of the first year’s growth will be to build the vine’s root system. So I expect that multiple shoots will be allowed to grow during this first year, which will create more canopy quicker than fewer shoots.

Gilles has already put in a metal post marker at the end of each row of vines, so he should start to put in posts and wires to create his trellis system quite soon, as this will provide support wires for the young shoots. Shoots that are on the ground are at higher risk from mildew and/or mechanical injury, and it also makes weed management very difficult. So training of the shoots on a trellis will start the process of trunk and vine structure.

This is the theory and I am waiting to see what Gilles does on the vineyard to put theory (as I understand it) into practice!


Merlot 10 June cropped

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